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If your company or home business is in the market for a refurbished HP printer, then DN Solutions has precisely what you’re looking for. We carry a wide array of refurbished HP printers that meet and exceed our high standards for quality and performance. Every single printer that enters our facility is repaired and refurbished to like-new standards. In fact, our technicians replace almost every part of the printers we receive with brand new parts and components. Our specialized process ensures that our refurbished HP printers have the same functionality and expected lifespan as a brand new printer off the factory line. 

Includes 3-Month Warranty

Free Tech Support.

Reduce Your Company Costs

Refurbished to the Highest Standards

Refurbished HP Printers and More For All Of Your Needs

In addition to refurbished printers, DN Printer Solutions also provides refurbished HP laser printers, scanners, thermal printers, and accessories. No matter what your specific needs are, you can find the ideal used printer from DN Printer Solutions. If you’re unsure which of our refurbished HP printers is right for your needs, simply contact our experienced and knowledgeable team to discuss the specifics of each model. We’re able to answer all of your questions and provide the necessary details that will help you make an informed decision on the printer that is right for you.

With DN Printer Solutions You’ll Have the Advantage Of:

  • Free Tech Support For Our Customers
  • Hassle-Free Returns on All Purchases
  • Wide Selections of Printer Supplies, Accessories, and Toner
  • 3-Month Warranty (With Option to Upgrade)
  • Local On-Site Service Where Available
  • Remote Assistance
  • High-Quality HP Printers Refurbished to Like-New Standards
  • And More!
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The Refurbished HP Printer Advantage

When you purchase a refurbished HP printer from DN Printer Solutions, you’re also getting the peace of mind that comes with a hassle-free 3-month comprehensive warranty. You’ll also have the option to upgrade this warranty to 6 months, as well as the option to add plans for toner supplies. This warranty includes absolutely free technical support to assist you with the setup of your HP printer device, either remotely or locally.

Testing and Reconditioning

When we refurbish an HP printer, it is subjected to the highest standards for testing, ensuring that it functions as perfectly as the manufacturer intended. We go the extra mile by reconditioning the exterior of our HP printers in order to remove any signs of wear and tear. Every refurbished HP printer leaves our facility in excellent condition and ready-to-use. We’re confident that you will be satisfied with your refurbished printer’s performance.

Experience Next-Level Cost Savings

We want our customers to know just how much money they can save by purchasing refurbished HP printers compared to new units. When choosing refurbished products, you can save upwards of 50% or more compared to the cost of buying a printer straight off the factory line. This means that you can effectively cut your business expenses for printing needs in half — that’s a smart business move for anyone!

Are Refurbished Printers Reliable?

Before we ever resell a refurbished HP printer, they are put through a rigorous testing process. This is in order to check for any defects or damage in the printer. Rest assured — we will not ever resell a refurbished printer that has not passed our comprehensive process for testing functionality. In the event that one of our refurbished printers fails, DN Printer Solutions includes a 3-month hassle-free warranty on all of our printers, with the option to upgrade that warranty to a full 6 months. We want you to rest assured that you’re purchasing a quality product that has been rigorously tested.

On-Site and Remote Support Is Available

During the warranty period of your refurbished HP printer, DN Printer Solutions will provide either locally on-site or remote support, completely free of charge. DN Printer Solutions has developed a reputation with our customers that provides total peace of mind when buying refurbished products, and this available support is just one more way we put our customers first.

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The Best Choice You Can Make

If you are a business owner, you know that every penny counts. Even as an individual running a household, sticking to a budget sets you up for success. Thus, when it comes to investing in a printer, you want the best value for your money. Hands down, a refurbished printer is your best bang for the buck. With DN Printer Solutions, you can rest assured that you are getting a  refurbished printer that has undergone our high standards for testing in order to ensure you are getting a printer that will last and that will get the job done for your needs. One of the biggest benefits of refurbished printers is that you know it works since it has been tested. Saving pennies is how small businesses and individuals get ahead financially. Browse all of our refurbished printers online, and order today!

Buying Refurbished Printers is an Eco-Friendly Solution

The vast majority of electronic devices that have been damaged or replaced by newer models end up in landfills. By making the smart financial choice to buy refurbished electronics, you’re giving a second life to a valuable electronic that would’ve otherwise been wasted in a landfill. Electronic waste in landfills can have a notable negative effect on the environment, so by saving these advanced electronics from the garbage heap, you’re helping to reduce waste, reduce the number of electronics dumped in landfills, and helping your environment. That’s something that everyone can be excited about!

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When it comes to refurbished HP printers, look no further than the extensive inventory available from DN Printer Solutions. Our wide selection, coupled with our impressive product knowledge, makes us the ideal choice for those looking for used printers for sale online. We take pride in helping our customers find the right HP printer for their needs and look forward to doing the same for you and your home business or company! Please browse our online store to find a complete list of all of the refurbished HP printers, accessories, and more that we have for sale. For more information or to ask a question to one of our refurbishing technicians, please contact us by filling out the contact form below!

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