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Every printer that enters our facility is refurbished to the highest standard. Our technicians replace almost every part of the printer with brand new parts. Our process ensures that our products have the same functionality and life span as brand new products. We even recondition the exterior of the printer to remove any signs of wear. Every item leaves our facility in excellent condition and ready for use.

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We have an extensive selection of laser printers; monochrome, color, large multi-function printers, and small desktop printers.

We also have a variety of thermal printer for your business needs.

If your printing needs are met, consider browsing our large collection of scanners, ranging from small desktop scanners to large commercial scanners.

Additionally we have plenty of accessories to add to your printer such as, extra trays, duplexers etc.

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All of our products come standard with a hassle free 3 month warranty. While adding the product to your cart you will also have the option to upgrade the warranty to 6 months and/or add toner. Our warranty also includes free tech support to assist you with the setup of your device, which can be done remotely, or if you are a local customer we can also assist you on site. These services are all provided free of charge to all customers who are covered under warranty.

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